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  1. the NEW ARENA talk thread
  2. Criteria for new arena
  3. New arena info
  4. A st. Catherines Arena?
  5. The fight begins for a new arena
  6. New forum dedicated to new arena discussion
  7. Location of new arena
  8. Arena Poll on Standard Website
  9. "no frills" arena COULD work
  10. New Mayoral Candidate who wants a new rink ?
  11. Yahoo! Sports votes for CHL's 5 worst rinks
  12. No matter the stance on arena, there will be bashing
  13. New spectator facility for the IceDogs is a must
  14. Entertainment Complex GROUP
  15. Arena Oppontent Mayor Candidate Makes Grave Error
  16. HERE'S THE LIST! (of local politicians emails)
  17. City modifies IceDogs' lease for arena
  18. First Council meeting for St. Cath - Dogs arena mentioned
  19. Poll on Standard website about new arena
  20. Decision on new downtown arena coming this year
  21. Arena Support Group Emails Needed
  22. What will a new arena LOOK like? + WISH LIST!
  23. $416M+ shortfall in region income
  24. Negative Arena Letter in Standard
  25. No Federal Money for Arena
  26. Article on the impact JLC has had on Downtown London.
  27. Councillors Email Addresses for Arena Support
  28. Letters to the Editor of The Standard
  29. Spectator facility will bring St. Catharines back to life
  30. City, IceDogs still hopeful fed money could help build arena
  31. Talk show about London's JLC
  32. I wonder what Williamson ment when he said..
  33. Two more letter to the editor in Standard
  34. Using gas tax money for puck palace an idea worth exploring
  35. New letter to the editor for Arena
  36. How Duluth, Minnesota, did it right!
  37. City's aging infrastructure needs replacing
  38. 7000 seats in the Falls
  39. New biosciences building for Brock population, no arena for St. Catharines population
  40. Gas-tax-for-arena plan gains traction in Ottawa
  41. Food for thought on gas tax fund and puck palace size
  42. The Project is On More or Less
  43. Can taxpayers afford double rink?
  44. Important Poll on St. Catharines Standard website
  45. Standard article - McGrath fight, Dogs this weekend
  46. Spectator Facility potential location
  47. Gas tax funds eyed for new arena
  48. Press Release on Government Supported Spectator Facility for St. Catharines
  49. Article about Visentin and Anderson - Toronto Star
  50. IceDogs Ahead of Curve - CBC Sports
  51. Darren Archibald Article and Highlight
  52. Dogs -> Newmarket
  53. New arena chronological time line - keeping track of progression
  54. Rink ranking: Is public onside?
  55. Important News About New Arena - Vote Will Take Place May 9
  56. St. Catharines Council Email Address
  57. How can this be???
  58. The NEW Garden City Complex Advocacy Committee (GCCAC)
  59. Arena plan sounds good — if the funding is there
  60. Plan to build two rinks goes to council Monday
  61. Plan for 5,000-seat arena goes to council Monday - THE STANDARD
  62. Citizens' group backs move for new arena - THE STANDARD
  63. Proposal to move forward with new arena - summary
  65. The Lower Lot and the Need to Dig Deep
  66. P3 funding information
  67. On line poll on Standard Website
  68. The weight of public opinion [arena article]
  69. Public cost of new arts center?
  70. Letters to the editor in the Standard
  71. St Catharines Nominated
  72. Another Standard Poll
  73. Great article on the benefits of a spectator facility
  74. New from Beamsville - want new arena
  75. Another reason to stay away from stupid corporate arena naming
  76. D-day coming soon for proposed new arena
  77. McMullan eyes arena dollars at AMO
  78. Mayor heartened by arena-cash talks with minister.
  79. Important council meeting on Monday Sept 19
  80. SMG recommended to manage proposed St. Catharines spectator facility
  81. American firm could be named key player in arena planning
  82. Posts moved out of timeline thread and into this thread
  83. Arena Support Still Needed Stronger Than Ever
  84. SMG Venues
  85. Arena deal a step closer
  86. A new arena: If you have an opinion, voice it now
  87. Garden City Complex Website
  88. Arena Referendum
  89. Kevin Jack @ 610 CKTB - misinformation overload on new arena
  90. New arena for St. Catharines: Video and Poll
  91. Citizen Group Forms to Protest Arena
  92. Article in the Standard
  93. An Important Message about the New Arena
  94. Arena talk today on 610 CKTB!
  95. Important December 5th vote information!
  96. Doug Herod's Column in Standard
  97. Options For Emailing Councillors
  98. Inspiration as an arena booster!
  99. The anti-group CANA report
  100. The quiet before the storm
  101. Last week til' the huge vote.
  102. Spectator Facility Vote Facebook Event Page
  103. Artist rendition of new arena?
  104. Spectator Facility Report
  105. City staff say "Build it".
  106. Cost of maintaining old rinks may be saviour for spectator facility
  107. Three New Arena Articles on Standard Website
  108. Help us build a new facility by emailing others
  109. The Arena Debate (Business people vs. taxpayers)
  110. We Need Volunteers
  111. Podcasts of CKTB interviews
  112. Letter to City Council
  113. Standard wants feedback from public on arena
  114. Newest Article in the Standard
  115. Articles for and against arena in Standard
  116. Latest Standard Articles For You to Comment On
  117. Fundraising for new arena - sell the benches of the Jack?
  118. Matt Harris does phone survey arena poll
  119. Build arena, say several residents approached by The Standard
  120. Cheaper U-shaped arena could be tabled
  121. How will they vote?
  122. Cogeco cable isn't showing the St. Catharines meetings, in welland
  123. Take a second to say thank you
  124. Yay we got the arena!... Now what? Lol
  125. No new arena YET - but getting closer. BIG drawbacks to vote though.
  126. Council says yes to new arena in historic vote
  127. St. Catharines approves new spectator facility
  128. Here is your opportunity to thank the Standard
  129. My proposed spot for new arena
  130. For the love of god!!! Don't build another POWERAIDE CENTRE!
  131. CANA group won't go away
  132. Proposal drawings?
  133. A Low-End RBC centre
  134. Here is the latest on the new spectator facility
  135. Now THIS is a CEILING :)
  136. Untitled arena talk thread (posts moved from another thread)
  137. No St. Paul St. frontage for new arena
  138. New St. Catharines arena all sunshine and blue sky seen from 20,000 feet
  139. Preparation work for new arena continues at city hall
  140. Arena layout/design possibilities
  141. Planned pedestrian bridge can't break the city bank
  142. New arena: give it a name!
  143. City of St. Catharines seeking public’s input on new arena
  144. Pro basketball franchise headed to St. Catharines?
  145. Article: Tough environment rules for arena-site development
  146. Article: Resident have say on new arena site
  147. Live webcam to monitor construction of arena
  148. Piecing together the arena puzzle
  149. Vote on the new arena name
  150. Arena seating capacity - should be at least 5000
  151. Possible arena layout ?
  152. Selling off the Jack
  153. ENMAX Center (2-tier WHL arena)
  154. St. Catharines moves closer to hiring arena builder
  155. Article: An early look at how arena might fit in old canal valley
  156. Pro lacrosse league eyeing St. Catharines franchise
  157. No pro basketball franchise for St. Catharines
  158. Nine Companies Submit bids for New Arena
  159. Staff Report: Enough parking downtown for new arena
  160. Naming rights / selling out
  161. Into the valley the arena goes
  162. Will the PAC being 10 million over effect the Spec. Facility?
  163. bids for new arena
  164. St. Catharines to evaluate three arena proposals
  165. St. Catharines optimistic about spectator facility proposals
  166. New arena location proposal
  167. New arena bidder being selected today (Oct.19)
  168. Ball Rankin Construction recommended to design and build spectator facility
  169. LIVE: St. Catharines council votes on spectator facility
  170. Pictures from Giffels arena bid
  171. Spec Facility Web Cam
  172. Ball-Rankin dreaming of a pile-driving Christmas
  173. Will Niagara Gardens be built within budget?
  174. Will Niagara Gardens be built on schedule?
  175. A good name for our new arena
  176. spectator facility update
  177. Spectator Facility Construction Update
  178. Spectator Facility Groundbreaking
  179. Where's the arena-cam ?
  180. City close to arena management deal
  181. The extra $1 million from SMG?
  182. Garden City 2 really coming along!
  183. Arena project receives gold seal
  184. Jul.7/13: Quick drive-by shots of arena construction
  185. Plans for new St. Catharines spectator facility look impressive
  186. Arena parking
  187. arena loudness
  188. best arena in the CHL?
  189. Total capacity of new arena
  190. Idea for new arena: lockers
  191. Suites Sale for the Spectator Facilty
  192. St. Catharines scores naming rights partnership for new arena
  193. Spectator facility to get a name at 4 pm
  194. And the arena is called.....
  195. Arena construction - Feb. 22, 2013 to Sept. 12, 2013
  196. Analyzing the numbers
  197. Arena construction photo: Sep.24, 2013
  198. where are the plans?
  199. City hosting Meridian Centre information sessions
  200. Timeline of arena construction
  201. Meridian Centre Construction - Oct. 9, 2013
  202. Fundraising boost could pay for arena extras
  203. look at that friggin thing rise!
  204. Thank You City Hall, We're Building It sign at Meridian Centre site - Oct. 18, 2013
  205. Where should they move the camera?
  206. Meridian Centre Construction - Oct. 18 &20, 2013
  207. Meridian Centre Construction - Oct. 25, 2013
  208. post here; meridian centre information session @ city hall
  209. Info Session, Meridian Centre - Oct. 29, 2013
  210. Video inside the Meridian Center
  211. New arena general chat thread
  212. Meridian Centre construction - Nov. 4, 2013
  213. Compare KROCK Centre to Meridian Centre
  214. GM Centre is good
  215. Arena construction photo: Nov.14/2013
  216. Bases for arena walkways being driven in ground
  217. Construction Camera
  218. Meridian Center construction: Nov.25, 2013
  219. IceDogs 1st Annual Teddy Bear Toss!
  220. World Juniors
  221. meridiancentre website
  222. Arena construction photos: Dec.6, 2013
  223. inside the meridan centre
  224. Great Video/Pictures from inside the Meridian Centre
  225. Dec.19, 2013 - Suite level pre-cast seating risers being installed
  226. Dec.20, 2013 - arena construction photos from NiagaraIceDogs.net
  227. New Arena pics - Nov. 14-29, 2013
  228. New Arena pics - Dec. 3-22, 2013
  229. Timeline from the bridge - Meridian Centre
  230. earh cams to be relocated
  231. Meridian Centre - Jan. 17, 2014
  232. The Jack to be officially closed in June
  233. Construction at Meridian Center, St. Catharines (Feb.1, 2014)
  234. Construction webcam: unavailable
  235. Free parking at downtown garages at new arena?
  236. Seating Layout Questions
  237. Mar.15/2014: Recent Meridian Center photos of inside construction
  238. club seats
  239. here ya go ; meridian will be almost exactly the same enjoy!
  240. Open concourse - like Sarnia's rink?
  241. Mar.24/2014: Recent Meridian Center photos of inside construction
  242. A Protapovich
  243. Bridges to the the Meridian Centre
  244. Concerts at the Meridian Centre
  245. Mar.24/2014 - more construction pictures
  246. Progress continues on Niagara IceDogs’ new home
  247. The ice surface concrete is in!
  248. North pedestrian bridge at the Meridian Centre - June 13, 2014
  249. Funny shapes on arena possibly for Meridian Centre signs?
  250. Area at new area for pre-game parties?