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Conversation Between slats and MadMann
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  1. slats
    11-25-2008 09:32 PM
    do you go to any away games
  2. slats
    11-23-2008 10:26 PM
    Section N eh. you guys are nuts. Im looking into getting my seats in the section for next season.
  3. MadMann
    11-23-2008 10:17 PM
    We have Section N rows D and C seats 16-12 in both. Bob gale Jr and his buddies sit behind us. Im in row C. We are pretty relentless with the visiting goalie on most nights. We are going to be crazy at the ADT game
  4. slats
    11-23-2008 07:16 PM
    Hey im in section F Standing room seats 19 and 20. Where abouts are you?
  5. MadMann
    11-23-2008 05:58 PM
    Hey Slats. TRG sent me a message about you. lol thinks your a great fan. hes trying to hlp us build up our section I think. Where are you seats? I think the two best sections for noise are probably N and F . See you at the games

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