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Blacksox 01-02-2021 08:28 AM

EASTERN CONFERENCE 2021- 2022 (As of Sept 28, 2021)

An early look at the 21-22 Eastern Conference...


7- 2nd and 5- 3rd (+ 4 unspecified conditional picks)

20-21 99 J.Nelson; 99 A.Brown; 99 C.Cameron
21-22 00 V.Hadfield; 00 L.Bignell;
OA-01 A.Silovs (SIGNED) ; OA-01 J. Greaves (SIGNED AHL)

OA-01 N.Porco (Drafted - Unsigned)
OA-01 M.Hill (Drafted - Unsigned)
OA-01 A.Tabak
OA-01 N.Allensen

02 O.Olausson (Dafted - SIGNED)
02 T.Foerster (Drafted - SIGNED)
02 E.Vierling (Drafted – Unsigned)
02 E.Cardwell (Drafted 4th Rd)
03 B.Clarke (Drafted 1st Rd)
03 C.Punnett
03 J.Frasca
03 R.Del Monte
+ 04s H.Haight; C.Matthews; B.Jelsma, 8th Rd R.Jodiun
+ 05s DRAFT: 1st D-Beau Akey, 2nd – F Chris Grisolia , 3rd – D Grayson Tiller
2021 IMPORT DRAFT: D - A.Cholach Ukrainian - NHL Drafted 7th Rd (Committed OHL 21-22)

OUTLOOK: With the addition of NHL 1st rd import first round Oskar Olausson, not only are they the favourites to win the OHL, but the Mem-Cup too. Barrie returns a strong 02 core, a pair of NHL Drafted (unsigned) OAs and 03 superstar Brandt Clarke. Colts need a veteran top 4 defenceman and a top-tier goalie, but they have the draft capital to be the top team- and we know Marty is NOT afraid to spend it.

(Alphabetical Order)

3 - 2nd and 4 - 3rd

20-21 99 C.Propp; 99 J.Brahaney; 99 N.King; 99 J.Pringle
21-22 00 D.Baker; 00 J.Roach
OA-01 L.Rowe; D.Hutton

OA-01 J.Frasca
OA-01 L.Edmonds
OA-01 L.Peric
OA-01 R.Dugas

02 M.Chromiak (IMPORT Drafted – Unsigned)
02 Z.Wisdom (Drafted – SIGNED)
02 J.Murray
03 F.Acuri (Drafted - 6th Rd)
03 M.Callens
03 B.Hache (Drafted - 7th Rd)
04 S.Wright
+ 04s P.Ludwinski; N.Poole; T.Budnick
+ 05s DRAFT: 1st F - Matthew Soto, 2nd – F Mitchell Brooks, 2nd – D Quinton Burns; 4th - G V.Vaccari; 4th -F C.Thibodeau
2021 IMPORT DRAFT: G - L.Merilainen - Finland (Committed OHL 21-22)

OUTLOOK: 21-22 will be the final season for all three members of the OHL’s best #1 line (Martin Chromiak, Zayde Wisdom(INJ) and Shane Wright), therefore, Kingston needs to figure out a way to become buyers. The Fronts could only retain 3 of their 7 returning 01s, leaving several holes to fill and limited draft assets to do so. Trade away some big time assets and they can challenge Barrie perhaps.

6- 2nd and 3- 3rd

20-21 99 E.Roberts; 99 I.Lodnia; 99 O.Castleman
21-22 00 D.Murphy; 00 A.Beraldo; 00 B.Hinz. 00 A.Bruder

OA-01 M.Howard
OA-01 D.Betts
OA-01 AJ Cook

02 D.Gushchin (IMPORT Drafted – SIGNED)
02 C.Butler
02 J.Uberti
02 T.Tynan
02 C.Peters
02 C.Snow
03 I.Enright
03 A.Agostinelli
03 L.Cato
+ 04 R.Dionico (IMPORT) (Committed OHL 21-22)
+ 04s P.Fimis; A.Castle; A.Leonard; B.Cooke; D.Roobroeck; R.Struthers
+ 05s DRAFT: 2nd- F Juan Copeland, 2nd – G Joey Costanzo, 2nd – F Declan Waddick, 3rd – Connor Haynes, 4th – D Andrew Wysiak
2021 IMPORT DRAFT:2nd Pick A.Graham - England

OUTLOOK: With Gushchin assigned to the OHL, the IceDogs’ are set up for modest success in 21-22 (Top 4), but even greater success in subsequent years. With 7 high picks signed over the last two season and 3 – 1st, 6 – 2nd, 1 – 3rd and 7 – 4th to be drafted over the next 3 season - Aidan Castle trade completed expect the IceDogs to make another trade this season. A 4th place finish (home ice first round of the playoffs) is possible.

5– 2nd and 6– 3rd (+ 3 unspecified conditional picks)

20-21 99 S.Bultika, 99 N.Grima
21-22 00 L. Moncada; 00 C.Lamour; 00 C.Denault; 00 B.Henderson
OA-01 SIGNED: Mason Primeau ; H.Caines

OA-01 B.Coe (Drafted – Unsigned)
OA-01 M.Russell
OA-01 S.Rose

02 J.Vrbetic (Drafted - 7th Rd)
02 A.Winslow
02 K.Jackson
+ 03 M.Petrov IMPORT (Drafted - 6th Rd)
+ 03 A.Christopoulos
+ 03 P.Christopoulos
+ 03 L.Arnsby
+ 04s T.Nelson; D.Wakely; T.Mathurin, O.Van Steensel; G - D.DiVencentiis, M.Podolioukh
+ 05s DRAFT: 1st – F Owen Outwater, 2nd – F Nick Sima, 3rd – Anthony Romani, 3rd – Wyatt Kennedy
2021 IMPORT DRAFT: D - L.Aleksander - Russian

OUTLOOK: NB will be a vastly improved team. Brandon Coe has been returned and the Battalion have one of the league’s best goalies (Vrbetic) to backstop an impressive group of 03s – a good year to neither buy or sell, but rather develop their young talent with a positive playoff experience. At this moment, North Bay is the team most likely to battle Niagara for the 4th seed.

3 - 2nd and 7 – 3rd (+ 1 unspecified conditional pick)

20-21 99 B.Johnson; 99 K.Landry; 99 I.Nurse
21-22 00 J. Gravelle; 00 J.Jenik ;
OA-01 A.Kaliyev (SIGNED)

OA-01 M.Mutter
OA-01 L.Van Loon
OA-01 C.Kammerer
OA-01 N.Staios
OA-01 Z.Roy
OA-01 T.Bertuzzi

02 J.Mysak (IMPORT Drafted – SIGNED)
02 L.Morrison
02 A.Hayes
02 G.Diaco
02 G.White
+ 03 A.Grushnikov (IMPORT) (Drafted - 2nd Rd)
+ 03 R.Winterton (Drafted - 3rd Rd)
+ 03 L.Sherk
+ 03 C.Romeo (Drafted - 7th Rd)
+ 03 E.Burroughs
+ 04s J.Donovan; J.Melee; P.Thomas
+ 05s DRAFT: 1st – F Alex Pharand, 3rd – F Cole Brown, 3rd – D Noah Roberts, 4th D Lucas Moore

OUTLOOK: The veteran laden 20-21 team was a missed opportunity to Go for It. However, the Bulldogs still return a stellar group of OAs, several quality 02s and a pair of outstanding IMPORTS. They'll be battling for a Top 3 spot this season.


4 - 2nd and 2 - 3rd

20-21 99 A.Keating, 99 J.Garreffa, 99 N.Hoefenmayer
21-22 00 K. Bahl; 00 M. Okhotyuk; 00 F.Tourigny; 00 D.Groulx; 00 M.Hoelscher; 00 M.Rippon: 00 C.Andree;
OA-01 M.Rossi (SIGNED); OA-01 G.Clarke (SIGNED); OA-01 J.Quinn (SIGNED) ;

OA-01 A.Varga
02 W.Cranley (Drafted – Unsigned)
02 C.Tolnai
02 A.Belanger
02 A.Constantini
02 D.Robinson
+03 J.Matier (Drafted - 4th Rd)
+03 J.Beck (Drafted - 6th Rd)
+03 V.Gaidamak IMPORT
+03 B.Sirizzotti
+03 R.Gill-Shane
+03 T.Sawyer
+O3 S.LaForme
+04s N.Moldenhauer (OHL Unsigned); B.Stonehouse; Thomas Sirman; Matthew Mayich, 8th W.Gerrior
+05s DRAFT: 1st – F Chris Barlas, 2nd – F Luca Pinelli, 2nd F Cooper Foster, 3rd – F Brad Gardiner, 4th F J.Devers.
2021 IMPORT DRAFT: V.Rohrer - Austrian

OUTLOOK: Two seasons later - Ottawa lost a dozen high-end players, a legit chance at a championship and an opportunity to restock their draft cupboard. The 67s will be a young talented but inexperienced team – in need of a few more draft picks. Sellers in 21-22.

5- 2nd and 3- 3rd (+ 1 unspecified conditional pick)

20-21 99 N.Isaacson, 99 C.Martin, 99 L.Ham
21-22 00 N.Canade; 00 R.Whittaker; 00 K.Edmonds;
OA-01 C.Schwindt (SIGNED); OA-01 T.Harley (SIGNED) ;
OA-01 K.Washkurak (SIGNED)

OA-01 A.Pueter
OA-01 E.Brand

02 O.Bjorgvik-Holm (IMPORT Drafted – Unsigned)
02 K.Larson (IMPORT)
02 J.Hardie
02 T.Collins
02 W.Portokalis
+03 E.Del Mastro (Drafted - 4th Rd)
+04s Z.Lavoie; O.Beck; C.Christy; Z.Vecchia
+05s DRAFT: 1st –F Luke Misa

OUTLOOK: Mississauga’s top 01s have all signed ELC, only one selection in the first 4 rounds, a Steelheads' rebuild is in progress.

2 - 2nd and 3 - 3rd

20-21 99 B.Chenier; 99 M.Carson; 99 D.Levin
21-22 00 O.Gilhula; 00 N.Hutcheson; 00 O. Robinson; 00 A.Samuelsson; 00 E.Serensits; 00 C.Purboo; 00 Pekar, Matej (Drafted - SIGNED);
SIGNED OA-01: Isaac Phillips: Blake Murray
OA-01 F.Dichow (Drafted – Unsigned Import)
OA-01 K.Loponen (Drafted – Unsigned Import)
02 Q.Byfield (Drafted – SIGNED)

OA-01 L.Ross
OA-01 M.Weeks
OA-01 K.Manikis

02 J.Thompson (Drafted – SIGNED)
02 N.Ribau
02 N.DeGrazia
+03 C.Stillman (Drafted - 1st Rd)
+03 L.McCallum
+04s D.Goyette; D.Kocha; E.Konyen; N.Collins
+05s DRAFT: 1st – Quentin Musty, 2nd – F Alex Assadourian
2021 IMPORT DRAFT: F - T.Trunda Czech and D - K.Kulonummi Finland

OUTLOOK: With the addition of US Quentin Musty and return of Chase Stillman, Sudbury has the makings of a good young team. The Wolves only have two 2nd and three 3rds over the next 4 years - so they'll be sellers and not buyers in 21-22. With Quinton Byfield in the NHL and OA-01 Blake Murray and Isaac Phillips signing their ELC (AHL), that leaves 02 Jack Thompson (Drafted-SIGNED) as their prized tradeable assets. IF however, Import Samu Tuomaala (2021 NHL 2nd Rd) is assigned to the OHL AND they figure out a way to be buyers (instead of sellers) they would move into that next grouping above them.

3- 2nd and 3- 3rd (+ 2 unspecified conditional picks)

20-21 99 B.Neumann; 99 C.Resnick; 99 K.McLean,
21-22 00 N.Gross; 00 A.McShane; 00 C.Allan; 00 G.Vallati; 00 J.Kooy; 00 W. Ennis;
OA-01 P.Tomasino (SIGNED)
02 O.Suni (PRO EUROPE)
OA-01 H.Fowler; Mitchell Brewer

OA-01 Tye McSorley
OA-01 Zachary Paputsakis
OA-01 Ryan Stepien
OA-01 Liam Whittaker

02 T.Tullio (Drafted – SIGNED)
02 L.Moore
+ 03 B.Harrison (Drafted - 3rd Rd)
+ 03 D.Michaud
+ 04s A.Castle (OHL Unsigned)
+ 05s DRAFT: 1st – F Calum Ritchie, 2nd – F Matthew Buckley
2021 IMPORT DRAFT: F - K.Niedenz Germany (Committed OHL 21-22)and D N.Parfianiuk Belarusian

OUTLOOK: Oshawa traded away 9 high picks for 26 league games by Phil Tomasino. When the trade was made, the Gens had positioned themselves perfectly to host and win the 2021 Mem-Cup, but two lost seasons later, the difficult rebuild is underway, but landing 05 Callum Ritchie is a great start!

2- 2nd and 3 - 3rd (+ 2 unspecified conditional pick)

20-21 99 Z.Gallant, 99 W.Hudson, 99 J.Paquette; 99 D.Maier
21-22 00 A.Thomas; 00 S.Der-Arguchintsev; 00 D.Chisholm; 00 H.Jones; 00 L.Kirk; 00 M.Grondin; 00 J.Parker-Jones; 00 M. McNamara; 00 J.York; 00 M.Little;
01 N.Robertson (Drafted – SIGNED)

OA-01 None
02 T.Austin
02 S.Spearing
03 M.McTavish (Drafted - 1st Rd)
+ 03 J.R. Avon (Undrafted - Signed ELC)
+ 03 A.Guryev (Drafted - 5th Rd)
+ 03 B.Zanetti (IMPORT) (Drafted - 4th Rd)
+ 03 T.Robertson
+ 04s D.McCoy; S.Alfano; J.Dezoete; G - L.Sztuska
+ 05s DRAFT: 1st – F Nick Lardis, 3rd – F Zach Lewis, 4th – D James Guo
2021 IMPORT DRAFT: D - A.Klein Germany

OUTLOOK: A long list of elite players were lost due to the pandemic, leaving the Petes without a championship run – and only a few players they can trade to recoup all those draft picks. A rebuild awaits the Petes, a season similar to Niagara's a few year ago - competitive team until the trade deadline.


Dogs Enthusiast 104 01-02-2021 11:16 AM

Thank for all this .... again.


Blacksox 07-05-2021 10:04 AM early look at the Eastern Conference teams (updated).

fishfan51 07-05-2021 02:04 PM

I’m guessing Marty Williamson will end up as coach and GM the Colts.

the dog 07-05-2021 09:27 PM


Originally Posted by Blacksox (Post 135243) early look at the Eastern Conference teams (updated).

Gushchin is signed

retired/sectionJ 07-06-2021 10:35 AM


Originally Posted by the dog (Post 135246)
Gushchin is signed

The big question is as to whether San Jose will send him back to Niagara

Blacksox 07-06-2021 10:57 AM


Originally Posted by fishfan51 (Post 135244)
I’m guessing Marty Williamson will end up as coach and GM the Colts. the right place at the right time! An opportunity to coach the top team in the OHL (CHL), will put Marty in the national spotlight.

Blacksox 07-06-2021 10:59 AM


Originally Posted by retired/sectionJ (Post 135247)
The big question is as to whether San Jose will send him back to Niagara

As IceDogs fans, we can only hope that’s the case. Gushchin will bring an energy and excitement that will fill the MC.
No guarantees but the IceDogs seem optimistic that he’ll be in the OHL, perhaps through discussions with SJS and his agent?

Blacksox 07-28-2021 09:02 AM

Eastern Conference post-NHL draft update (July 28):

According to Darren Dreger… “CHL sources say final details are being worked out with the NHL that will allow junior eligible players who played 20 or more AHL games last season to return to the AHL next season, rather than back to their major junior club.” The Eastern conference players directly impacted by this ruling: Barrie – Tyson Forester; Kingston – Zayde Wisdom; Hamilton – Jan Mysik. Until this ruling is officially announced (and players assigned to AHL teams), Post #1 ranking are based on these three players returning to the OHL.

Ottawa’s 2020 Import V.Gaidamak de-commits (21-22 Avangard Omsk Russia)

OHL trade window opens Tuesday August 3. Aiden Castle?

Next updated – Training Camp (Sept 7):
When OHL fans learn who’s in and who’s out – and IceDog fans find out what SJS decides is best for Danil Gushchin. Two factors that’ll play into SJS decision:
(1) burning the first year of Gushchin ELC contract as an underage AHL player.
(2) the return of 5-6 NHL taxi squad players to their AHL team in 21-22.

What San Jose decides will play heavily on the realistic expectations of the IceDogs. Gushchin would place the IceDogs amoung the top teams in the east.


fishfan51 07-29-2021 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by fishfan51 (Post 135244)
I’m guessing Marty Williamson will end up as coach and GM the Colts.

As expected….

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