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NiceDawg 05-04-2019 10:40 AM

Top Riser - Phil Tomasino
TheHockeyWriters.Com has declared Phil Tomasino the top riser for May 2019. His rank jumped from 25th to 16th and many see him in the top 10 based on his recent U18 performance.

Dogs Enthusiast 104 05-04-2019 03:15 PM


Tomasino will be a household name before long.
That is some quote.

jumbo1290 05-04-2019 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by Dogs Enthusiast 104 (Post 127715)
That is some quote.

no doubt about it; Philip is big star bound.

Red 05-04-2019 08:45 PM


Originally Posted by jumbo1290 (Post 127730)
no doubt about it; Philip is big star bound.

I agree! The funny part about this is how he gained his rise to fame quietly without all the fanfare and hoopla like Akil Thomas. He got there through hard work without all the hype and marketing and will draft way higher than 51st. #ironic

ckg927 05-12-2019 09:48 AM

AND if you get The Hockey News, Tomasino made the Draft Preview(he's #41).

Here's what a couple of scouts said about him:

#1: "If you get your body on him, he's easy to contain. But get your body on him. He's elusive. Those first three steps make it hard for defenders to close in on him."

#2: "This kid is a heck of a hockey player. He kind of bounced around after they made trades, and that kind of pushed him down the lineup and he didn't get the quality ice time that you want, but he's a smart player. He's got good speed, good hockey sense, good stick."

They did ding him for being very slight(at 6' and 181 lb.) and still needing to add muscle, but he's got a few years to work on that. As for best case, the magazine compares him to Ondrej Palat.

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