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Blacksox 12-31-2017 07:30 AM

Eastern Conference 2018-2019
Hey �� Eastern Conference 2018-2019 ROSTERS UPDATED January 12, 2019

99 J. Studnicka (BOS)
99 J. Robertson (DAL)
99 K. Maksimov (EDM)
99 B. Jones (LVG)
99 I. Lodnia (MIN)
99 B. Johnson
99 M. Phillips
99 O. Castleman
00 A. Thomas (LAK)
00 K. Sopa
00 A. Bruder
01 P. Tomasino
02 J. Uberti
02 J. DeSimone
98 M. Brassard OA (VAN)
98 J. Schaefer (OA)
99 J. Paquette (NASH)
99 D. Bukac (BOS)
99 E. Roberts
99 D. Hunter
01 M. Howard
98 S. Dhillion (OA)
99 J. McGrath
01 C. Sbaraglia


98 Felhaber, Tye (OA)
98 Maksimovich, Kyle (OA)
98 Chiodo, Lucas (OA)

99 Chmelevski, Sasha (SJS)
99 Keating, Austen
99 Clark, Kody (WASH)
00 Hoelscher, Mitchell (NJD)
00 Bitten, Sam
00 Yule, Quinn
01 Rossi, Marco
01 Quinn, Jack
01 Clarke, Graeme
02 Tolnai, Cameron
02 Maggio, Matthew
99 Hoefenmayer, Noel (ARZ)
99 Wilson, Hudson
00 Bahl, Kevin (ARZ)
00 Rippon, Merrick
00 Okhotyuk, Nikita
01 Peric, Lucas
99 DiPietro, Mike (Van)
00 Andree, Cedrick
02 Cranley, Will


98 Saigeon, Brandon OA (COL)
98 Salinitri, Anthony (OA)
99 Neumann, Brett
99 MacLean, Kyle
99 Resnick, Cole
99 Eggenberger, Nando
00 McShane, Allan (MTL)
00 Noel, Serron (FLD)
00 Antropov, Danil
01 Drouin, Danyk
02 Tullio, Tyler
02 Robinson, Dylan
98 Mattinen, Nicolas OA
99 Franche, Matt
99 Blacker, Ian
00 Volati, Giovati (WIN)
00 Ennis, William
00 Gross, Nico (NYR)
01 Brewer, Mitchell
02 Moore, Leyton
99 Keyser, Kyle (BOS)
99 Hughes, Aidan


98 Timleck, Adam (OA)
98 Paquette, Chris OA (TB)
99 Gallant, Zach (DET)
99 Isaacson, Nick
00 Little, Michael
00 Gogolev, Pavel
00 Der-Arguchintsev, Semyon (TOR)
00 Hinz, Brady
00 Denault, Chad
00 Grondin, Max
01 Robertson, Nick
01 Kirk, Liam (ARZ)
01 Cermak, Erik
02 Butler, Cameron
98 Osmanski, A OA (BUFF)
99 Fraser, Cole (DET)
00 McNamara, Matt
00 Parker-Jones, John
00 Chisholm, Declan (WASH)
01 Merkley, Ryan (SJS)
00 Jones, Hunter
02 Austin, Tye


98 Pilon, Drake (OA)
98 Pilon, Darian (OA)

99 Ruzicka, Adam (CAL)
99 Carson, Macauley
99 Bulitka, Shane
99 Levin, David
00 Gilhula, Owen
00 McConville, Blake
00 Hutcheson, Nolan
00 Robinson, Owen
01 Murray, Blake
02 Byfield, Quinton
98 Candela, Cole OA (VAN)
99 O'Bonsawin, Ryan
99 DeMeo, Anthony
00 Serensits, Emmett
00 Stratis, Peter
01 Ross, Liam
01 Phillips, Isaak
02 Thompson, Jack
99 Luukkonen, Ukko-Pekka


98 Brazeau, Justin
98 Luke Burghardt, Luke
99 Walker, Daniel
99 Chenier, Brad
99 Struthers, Matthew
00 Moncada, Luke
00 Brown, Patrick
01 Primeau. Mason
01 Coe, Brandon
01 Evans, Kurtis
01 Caines, Harrison
01 Russell, Mitchell
02 Peters, Cameron
02 Jackson, Kyle
98 Theo Calvas
99 King, Nick
00 Malik, Zack
00 Maier, David

00 Mailhot, Travis
00 Henderson, Braden
01 Rose, Simon
02 Schlueting, Pacey
99 Propp, Christian
00 Purboo, Christian


98 Henderson, Eric (OA)
99 Strome, Matthew (PHI)
99 Nurse, Isaac
99 Jackson, Zachary
99 Stevens, Liam
00 D'Agostino, Dylan
00 Fleischer, Tim
00 Jenik, Jan
01 Kaliyev, Arthur
01 Bertuzzi, Tag
01 Van Loon, Liam
01 Mutter, Navrin
02 Hayes, Avery
02 Morrison, Logan
99 Ali, Conor
99 Landry, Kade
99 Wainman, Josh
00 Vescio, Payton
00 King, D.J.
00 Gravelle, Jake
02 Renwick, Michael
02 Jenkins, Frank
99 Donofrio, Nick
01 Roy, Zach


98 Hawerchuk, Ben (OA)
99 Tortora, Jacob
99 Wilms, Jason
99 Brown, Aidan
00 Rhodes, Sam
00 Bignell, Luke
00 Pekar, Matej (BUFF)
01 Duhart, Dalton
01 Suzuki, Ryan
01 Fleming, Peter
01 Partridge, Jake
02 Piercey, Riley
02 Foerster, Tyson
99 Cameron, Christopher
00 Tucker, Tyler (STL)
00 York, Jack
00 Hadfield, Victor
01 Hill, Mathew
01 Allensen, Nathan
00 Edmonds, Kai
01 Greaves, Jet


98 Carter, Cole OA
98 Lysczarczyk, Allen OA

99 Clarke, C.J.
99 Isaacson, Nick
99 McHugh, Nick
00 Whittaker, Richard
00 Little, Michael
00 Canade, Nicholas
01 Prueter, Aidan
01 Schwindt, Cole
01 Varga, Adam
01 Washkurak, Keean
02 Hardie, James
02 Portokalis, William
98 Barbosa, Ryan (OA)
99 Ham, Liam
99 Wells, Ryan
00 Walker, Isaac
00 Cella, Jake
01 Harley, Thomas
01 Penman, Duncan
02 Callaghan, Charlie
00 Ingham, Jacob (LAK)
02 Ranger, Joe


98 Cranford, Ryan (OA)
98 Hotchkiss, Matt (OA)

99 Derungs, Ian
99 Burnie, Tyler
00 Larabie, Paul
00 Baker, Dawson
00 Hough, Cameron
01 Wong, Nick
01 Rowe. Lucas
01 Martin, Ian
01 Golovatchev, Dennis
01 Drewitt, Luke
01 Golovatchev, Dennis
02 Wisdom, Zayde
02 Mercer, Kallaway
98 Byrne, Mitchell (OA)
99 Brahaney, Jakob
00 Beraldo, Adrien
00 Gordon, Emmett
01 Constantinou, Billy
01 Anthony Aguanno
01 Brand, Evan
02 Murray, Jake
99 Bonello, Brendan
00 Frappier, Marshall
01 Dugas, Ryan

Stinkyp3t3 12-31-2017 08:30 AM

Up to date

Stinkyp3t3 01-03-2018 07:23 PM

Pu to K-Town for Dunkley

Blacksox 01-10-2018 03:06 PM

As a result of the cyclical nature of the OHL, it presents each team – that carefully plans for it – a window of opportunity to win a championship every few years. If you take the time to carefully review each team as they project, you'll see that the Ice Dogs’ window of opportunity is 2019.

A simplistic way to determine a team’s window of opportunity is to look at the team’s demographics/talent:

2019 Championship Team: Good OAs (98s), team core built around several 99s (some NHL drafted) and a couple elite 00s.
2020 Championship Team: Good OAs (99s), team core built around several 00s (some NHL drafted) and a couple elite 01s.
2021 Championship Team: Good OAs (00s), team core built around several 01s (some NHL drafted) and a couple elite 02s.

Blacksox 01-10-2018 03:12 PM

The analysis of each Eastern Conference team is based on the expected returning and departing players from the team rosters as of January 10, 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: The ranking will obviously change significantly before the 2018-2019 season, as players expected to return - are now gone, players expected to be gone - are return, trades are completed, major signing are announced and IMPORT/OHL drafts conducted.

The teams who are most active or most successful during the off-season will significantly change the rankings. However, surveying the Eastern Conference next year, it should be an interesting off-season for the Ice Dogs!

Feel free to debate and discuss!

Blacksox 01-10-2018 03:15 PM


North Bay: The Battalion loss several key players (F-McKenzie TRADED, D-Bruce, D-Saban, and D-Dineen TRADED), return a weak defensive core, have an uninspiring group of 99s and no returning NHL drafted talent. As a result, NB is likely to be at the bottom of the standings. On a positive note: They do have three excellent OAs returning (Burghardt, Brazzeau,Thilander) that North Bay can exchange for players/picks at the 2019 trade deadline – to begin a rebuild that needs to target the 2021 season.

Mississauga: When you combine, the loss of several key players (97 Fox, 97 Forget, 98 McLeod, 98 Moverare, 99 Tippett), only three returning 99s (R.McLeod*, C.Gaylor and R.Wells) and possible goaltending concerns - the immediate future does not look bright. On a positive note: The Steelheads have an elite #1 defenceman in N.Hague (98), an emerging OHL superstar (R. McLeod 99) and a goalie (J.Ingham 00) who can perhaps regain his rookie form - that they can rebuild a very young team around next year.
***However according the CHL/NHL agreement, OA Nic Hague (turns 20 on Dec.5, 2018) does not have to be returned to his OHL team – and is eligible to play professional hockey (AHL or ECHL).

Sudbury: The Wolves lose all or most of the following: Lajeunesse TRADED, Culina TRADED, Pezzetta TRADED, Rhodes, Blaisdell, Lipinov and Candela. This in combination with no notable 99s, a questionable defense and weak goaltending means - a bottom 3 finish is very likely! On a positive note: Sudbury have a lot of draft picks; And Levin (99), Nizhnikov (00), Z.Malik (00), P. Stratis (00), E.Serensits (00), B.Murray (01) are a collection of young players Sudbury can try to develop into elite players for 2019-2020.

Blacksox 01-10-2018 03:23 PM


Barrie: The Colts decided to “go all in” with the impending loss of uber-talent A.Svechnikov and fellow country-man D. Sokolov! Barrie traded away a part of their future to acquire A.Luchuk and TJ.Fergus for a shot at an OHL title. So, unless Jacob Tortora (99) leaves Boston College and signs with Kitchener – Barrie has very few high draft picks over the next 5 years. Looking ahead, Barrie will have no choice but to trade away assets such as Jason Wilms (99), OA Chiodo and OA Magwood to kick-start a rebuild around future superstar Ryan Suzuki.

Hamilton: Making a run at OHL championship means a mass exodus of star power (Lemke, Moore, Studenic, Bitten, Stillman, Webb, Caamano, very likely R.Thomas and possibly Fulcher) along with two young stars (C.McMichael and C.Roberts). However, Hamilton still have a couple of valuable NHL drafted assets (99 Strome and 99 Entwistle) and two excellent OAs Saigeon and Gleason that they will need to trade in order to refill a depleted draft cupboard. With those four assets as trade chips, the Bulldogs’ rebuild shouldn’t take too long!

Blacksox 01-10-2018 03:30 PM


Peterborough: The Petes will likely loss most of their high-end talent (e.g., Korostelev, Denoble, Black, Wells, Ang (TRADED), Paquette and Osmanski). However, they have a high scoring OA M.Timms and two very good 99s (Z.Gallant and C. Fraser) returning should they decide to become sellers to add players/picks to a young team. The Petes return nine 00s that features three future stars in P. Gogolev, S. Der-Arguchintsev and D. Chisholm – with that in mind 2020 will be their window of opportunity.

Oshawa: With their sights set on hosting the 2018 Memorial Cup, the Generals were being re-built to win this year (eleven 98s and 97s). So heading into next season, Oshawa returns only two really good 99s (J.Studnicka and K.Keyser) and one decent OA in D.Commisso as their veteran core players. However, looking further ahead, Oshawa has two high-end 00s (A.McShane and N.Serron) plus W.Ennis (00) and N.Gross (00), two very good 01 (N.Wong and M.Brewer) – and a lot of draft picks. So come January 2019, the Generals will have to decide whether to buy or rebuild around an impressive group of 00s and 01s for a legit shot at a 2020 championship.

Blacksox 01-10-2018 03:51 PM


Kingston: Despite Gilmore’s claim that they were targeting next year, Kingston decided to go all in this year instead! And that was great news for the Ice Dogs. Despite all the trades they made, Kingston still return a very good group of 99s (J.Robertson, L.Nyman, B.Neumann, J.Paquette, E.Rasanen). However, there is a HUGE RED FLAG hanging over Kingston. They lose J.Helvig, they traded away 3 outstanding young players (S. Popov 00, N. Dunkley 00 and C. Morgan 01) and between 2018 and 2028, they only have one 2nd and in the next 6 years - one 3rd. They have NO currency to add additional players to this returning roster – to be serious contenders! So with their draft picks and young talent depleted, Kingston really has very little choice but to sell their assets at the 2019 trade deadline or even sooner so they can recoup what they lost in acquiring departed players M.Jones, C.Pu, G.Valardi and S.Day.

Ottawa: The 67s return two NHL drafted 99s (S.Chmelevski, N.Hoefenmayer), but the core of their team is built around 12 player who are 00s or 01s - featuring three quality 00 defenseman (M.Rippon, C.Robertson, K.Bahl) and three quality forwards all in their draft year (K. Clark, M. Hoelscher, S. Bitten). Ottawa definitely have the draft picks to add quality players this year, but they are looking more and more like a team built to be even stronger the following year! A 2020 championship is very possible in Ottawa!

Niagara: Aside from newly acquired Sam Miletic, the Ice Dogs will lose no one of any significance - and they return all their core players who have been instrumental in this terrific season thus far. Niagara have some emerging OHL stars (Maksimov, Jones, Thomas, Tomasino, Constantinou and Dhillon) – ready to take another step forward together! Offensively, they could have three players amoung the top 10 or top 15 scorers in the OHL. Defensively, the Ice Dogs have been one of the stingiest teams in the OHL) – and that entire group will not only be another year older but they are ALL back! The Ice Dogs are the ONLY team in the EAST that can say that!

maddog 01-10-2018 04:16 PM


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