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AlphaDog 09-17-2007 11:53 AM

One-On-One with CHRIS DESOUSA (BioCard)
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- How old were you when you first started playing hockey.
4 years old

- What is your favorite movie(s) ?

- What type of music / bands do you listen to?
Rock, hip hop and a little bit of country

- Where are you favorite hangout spots in Niagara?
Haven't really hung out here yet.

- Where are you currently staying in Niagara? (town / part of town)
St. Catharines - Lakeshore and Vine

- Favorite car?
69 Camaro

- What would you say is your worst bad habit?
I have no idea lol

- Favorite NHL team?
Toronto Maple Leafs

- Who are some of your favorite NHL players (past or present) ?
Tie Domi and Jordin Tootoo

- Who do you think your playing style resembles in the NHL?
Jordin Tootoo

- Do you think fighting belongs in hockey?

- If you were NHL commissioner for a day, what rule changes would you make if you were given the power to do anything you wished?
I would make it legal to run the goalie when he comes out of his crease

- What would you say is your strongest point as far as being a hockey player is?
Playing on the edge but not going over it.

- What do you think needs improvement in your game?
My shot.

- Who is the toughest player to play against (and why) ?
Pietrangelo when i play against him in practice lol, because he makes everything look easy. He's going to be mad about this !!

- On the IceDogs roster, who would you say is the most funny / biggest prankster?

- What OHL team would you say has the biggest rivalry with the IceDogs ?
Mississauga St Mikes Majors

- Your favorite OHL arena to play in?
Jack Gatecliff

- Besides hockey, what are some of your other favorite sports (to play or watch)?
Soccer, boxing and UFC

- Finally, what would be another good question to add to this list that you would like to see your teammates answer??
Sorry man i have no idea lol

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