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Originally Posted by NiceDawg View Post

Welcome back to Niagara IceDogs Hockey, let the fun begin! [/color][/b]
As of Oct 5th, rosters for all 3 teams could look differently by Thursday or Saturday.

OA-01 M.Howard
OA-01 D.Betts
OA-01 AJ Cook
02 D.Gushchin (IMPORT Drafted – SIGNED)
02 C.Butler
02 J.Uberti
02 T.Tynan
02 C.Peters
02 C.Snow
03 I.Enright
03 A.Agostinelli
03 L.Cato
+ 04 R.Dionico (IMPORT)
+ 04s P.Fimis; A.Castle; A.Leonard; B.Cooke; D.Roobroeck; R.Struthers
+ 05s DRAFT: 2nd- F Juan Copeland, 2nd – G Joey Costanzo, 2nd – F Declan Waddick, 4th – D Andrew Wysiak

BLACKSOX OUTLOOK: With Gushchin assigned to the OHL, the IceDogs’ are set up for modest success in 21-22 (Top 4), but even greater success in subsequent years. With 10 high picks signed over the last two season and 3 – 1st, 6 – 2nd, 1 – 3rd and 7 – 4th to be drafted over the next 3 season. A 4th place finish this season is possible.

Niagara IceDogs: This is a team that I think has a chance to be very exciting to watch, but because the majority of their top players are on the "younger" side, there are bound to be some growing pains and consistency could end up being an issue. That's why I have them as more of a middle of the pack team. San Jose Sharks pick Daniil Gushchin is a real wild card here though. After destroying the USHL the last few years, he could be one of the top offensive players in the OHL and someone who could elevate this team to a higher status. While I think we're all excited to see the Fimis, Castle, and Cooke (JRC) line re-united, Jake Uberti is someone who I think is a key player for Niagara this season. If he takes that next step as a top line center, this team could be better than we think. I am also crazy excited to see Tucker Tynan. I love his athleticism and play tracking ability. OA's Mason Howard and Dakota Betts are also keys to the Dogs' success.


OA-01 N.Porco (Drafted - Unsigned)
OA-01 M.Hill (Drafted - Unsigned)
OA-01 A.Tabak
OA-01 N.Allensen
02 O.Olausson (Dafted - SIGNED)
02 T.Foerster (Drafted - SIGNED)
02 E.Vierling (Drafted – Unsigned)
02 E.Cardwell (Drafted 4th Rd)
03 B.Clarke (Drafted 1st Rd)
03 C.Punnett
03 J.Frasca
03 R.Del Monte
+ 04s H.Haight; C.Matthews; B.Jelsma, 8th Rd R.Jodiun
+ 05s DRAFT: 1st D-Beau Akey, 2nd – F Chris Grisolia , 3rd – D Grayson Tiller
2021 IMPORT DRAFT: D - A.Cholach Ukrainian - NHL Drafted 7th Rd

BLACKSOX OUTLOOK: With the addition of NHL 1st rd import first round Oskar Olausson, not only are they the favourites to win the OHL, but the Mem-Cup too. Barrie returns an NHL drafted strong 02 core, a pair of NHL Drafted (unsigned) OAs and 03 superstar Brandt Clarke. Colts need a top-tier goalie, but they have the draft capital to be the top team- and we know Marty is not afraid to spend it.

Barrie Colts (Central Division Champs): There is no secret that the Colts are aggressively looking to improve their goaltending. This is a very strong team with few weaknesses...except in the crease. Until they figure out what to do in the crease, the team's quality defense (anchored by Brandt Clarke) should help to limit higher end scoring chances. This is going to be a very tough team to win battles against in the Barrie end. Offensively, there is a mix of veteran leadership like Ethan Cardwell, Evan Vierling, and Nicholas Porco, to go with some terrific "rookies" like import Oskar Olausson, Hunter Haight, and Beau Jelsma. This is going to be a really fun team to watch this season.


OA-01 Tye McSorley
OA-01 Zachary Paputsakis
OA-01 Ryan Stepien
OA-01 Liam Whittaker
02 T.Tullio (Drafted – SIGNED)
02 L.Moore
02 D.Jesus
+ 03 B.Harrison (Drafted - 3rd Rd)
+ 03 D.Michaud
+ 05s DRAFT: 1st – F Calum Ritchie, 2nd – F Matthew Buckley
2021 IMPORT DRAFT: F - K.Niedenz Germany

BLACKSOX OUTLOOK: Oshawa traded away 9 high picks for Phil Tomasino - and two lost seasons later, a challenging rebuild is underway, but landing 05 Callum Ritchie is a great start! In addition, the Gens have a quality #1 line (02 T.Tullio, 03 B.Harrison, 03 D.Michaud) that they’ll need to a big year from to carry the offense.

Oshawa Generals: While the overall depth of the Generals does concern me somewhat, their top end talent should shine through. Tullio, Harrison, and second overall pick Calum Ritchie will lead the way offensively. The club has a lot of options to fill in the gaps around them and if players like Ryan Gagnier or Ryan Stepien can have breakout years, Oshawa will be fine. Defensively, there "shouldn't be" any issues. Lleyton Moore and David Jesus will be strong veteran presences. OA goaltender Zach Paputsakis has a chance to be a contender for the OHL's top goaltender award. This team's powerplay should be absolutely lethal with Moore working the point, Harrison working the net front, and Tullio/Ritchie controlling the half wall. The lack of offensive depth is the weak spot, but in the OHL, star players can carry you a long way and I see that happening with the Generals.
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