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Originally Posted by JasonHockey View Post
For me, ease of access and parking are the biggest thing for going to games. If I have to pay more for that convince I will but having to find a place to park several blocks away is the reason why I rarely want to go to ice dogs games as it is. By the sounds of it, I would feel the same about Guelph. I hate downtown cities cause they are too crowded, I live away from them for the fact. Guess I'm just being too picky, but if it feels like a hassle to park I don't feel like going. Was really hoping this new arena would change that, but looks like it wont. I'll stick with Junior B then. Also just because the attendance is still high, doesn't mean people don't like it. I know lots of people that complain about the current parking but still go to games.

Haig Bowl would probably be the better choice to close, I hope they do that instead.

Last note, Sunday afternoons is hardly prime ice rental time
i am hardly taking any of your posts seriously. sunday afternoon in st catharines not primetime ice rental?
your gonna stick to jr B over Major Jr A? Thats like saying your gonna stick to echl action over NHL because the NHL tickets cost $10 more LOL
silly jason
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