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Default The Crack Smoking one

Originally Posted by AlphaDog View Post
So as you can see, that area at the bottom can easily fit an arena TWICE THE SIZE of Mississauga's arena.

So you're right, we dont' have enough room for 5000 seat rink. How about a 10,000 seater?

Anyone care to send a shot of the JLC in London or the Aud in Kitch?

ANYONE ELSE HERE STILL SMOKING SO MUCH CRACK THEY THINK ARENAS WON'T FIT? (sorry, but TheQuietOne said the EXACT same thing last night on the game.... so hopefully the above photos have SHUT EVERYONE UP about this)
ADog, geez quit mixing words and tell us what you really think!

My response is this:

A: We are looking to fit the entire complex (parking, surrounding space, roads leading in and out, and both rinks (you missed part of the Brampton building)) not just the building only. We already have a rink with no parking. We don't need another. The Pen Parking lot is typically full now, much less if you bulldoze a huge section of it. No way will this work

B. While we're still dreamin (and smoking crack) we need to be dreaming this thing where the people are. HWY 20 might be the geographical centre of the area but that is not where the people are. Getting 6 000 to show up at a game willl means finding 3 000 more fans so we need to keep it close to where the people are

Keep dreaming and let's keep the sell outs coming !
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