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Originally Posted by trooper View Post
I've loved what fourgrounds has done so far at the Meridian Centre. Good job guys.
One complaint, however, and im not sure if anyone has mentioned it. I absolutely can not stand when you guys play the big 'GO DOGS GO' video while the game is being played. When I watch hockey, I dont want to hear music or that super loud repeating drum or bass sound while the game is being played. This isnt basketball. I realize sometimes you start it and they quickly drop the puck, but isnt there a button to turn it off immediately? Most of the time you let it run on for like 10-15 seconds.

Other than that, like i said, good job guys!
Originally Posted by fishfan51 View Post
I'm surprised the league hasn't said anything about it yet. Music and piped noise over the speaker system other than announcements during play is usually a pretty big no no.
Originally Posted by NiceDawg View Post
That's true, once the puck drops the organ and effects/music are supposed to cease. I can see a losing team complaining eventually...
Thanks for the compliments. No one from the OHL has complained yet about a few reps of GO DOGS GO into play. We try to cut the chant as soon as we can without only playing it for a couple seconds as that is also jarring, however we have noticed both with noise meters, get loud etc etc. the area silences immediately after we take it down. Cheers and chants simply do not linger, which is disappointing.

Recently we have been experimenting with a silent GO DOGS GO graphic just trying get a cheer going without the organ and drum but the crowd will not get into it. Not sure if this has to do with the team this year or the bigger arena, but currently the Niagara audience is almost silent unless we make an effort to get them making noise. Over the next few games we will try muting the sound after play starts and leave the graphic up to see if the fans will continue it.

We have a mandate from the Burkes and the organization to try and get the fans "loud and proud" for the players, so perhaps some of you fans on here can help us out by getting chants and cheers going without our prompt. We have yet to hear a Go Dogs Go chant with any magnitude occur organically this season.

So while we are happy to receive criticism and feedback from all of you, I challenge this community, as ambassadors for the team, to get loud and make noise so we don't have to hassle you as much via the video board.

Originally Posted by maddog View Post
I love it when they play the go dogs go!!!
Trying to get the crowd into it and chant go dogs go or even clap.
The players love to hear us, even when play is going on.
If they didn't play the video, you could hear a pin drop in the rink it would be so dam quiet!!!!
I'm at a sporting event and want noisy, cheering fans to cheer your team rather than a funeral

Originally Posted by bulldog View Post
I think the GO DOS GO chant has to be done during play.That's the whole point of it.
Originally Posted by maddog View Post
I can't believe we are even discussing this!!
Our dogs want to hear noise, chanting, clapping, etc. DURING PLAY and" go dogs go" is just that!!!
All true. Thanks. This issue always seems to be 50/50 some love it some hate it.

Originally Posted by trooper View Post
I'm not saying you can't put up the video during the play, just don't play the sound to it
Thanks. Will try it out, but the cheering is on you.

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