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Originally Posted by AuldBone View Post
I think the lack of noise is a function of 2 things...

1. We're Canadians... We're not a noisy people by nature...
2. We're watching hockey in a gigantic cave that has no sound retention capabilities...

Like seriously, not one person looked at the design of the MC, and said... "Huh... This design will not preserve crowd noise at all..." I mean really people, you design a bowl, then give it a huge dome over top, it's not going to help. So we have to make 3 - 4 times more noise, to have half the sound of 'The Jack'... Yes we're putting more people in, but, we're still losing so much sound to the roof... Wait until we start putting banners up, they absorb sound too... So... Yeah...

It's not like there is anything much that can bed done except getting louder, though I don't believe many of us could be prouder of our team, our city or our Canadian Heritage.

What about that drum-line that was at a few games last year? They kinda amped things up a bit. Was really nice to have, and gave us a break from the organ, and loudspeaker. Kinda broke it up a bit. Made it different. Not that I don't love the idea of cheerleaders for a hockey game ( yes, sarcasm ), but I'd rather have a drum line or something like that... I don't find the cheerleaders bring that much to the game, they don't really pump the crowd up, they do a short dance routine and follow Laura-Leigh around. I know some people love having them at games, but, if I were to be honest, I don't see a purpose to them.

I would hate if anyone felt my comments here are negative, especially about the cheerleaders, I get that they can only do what they can do, and that there are fans who love them. But I, personally, just think there are better ways to pump up a crowd, and create noise, and I think that the Drum-line does a better job at entertaining people, and building noise.

Ok so maybe that does sound a bit negative... I went back and reread it, and I felt that perhaps I was a bit harsh on the cheerleading idea at hockey games, sarcasm isn't always warranted ( but I seem to spew it regardless ). But rather than delete it, I thought... Let's salvage it with constructive ideas, coated in... Yup, you guessed it... Sarcasm... But not mean sarcasm...

So yes, people love seeing cheerleaders, some people, I don't happen to be one of them, but I'm a traditionalist. I don't believe that we NEED cheerleaders at a hockey game. And this thread is about Fourgrounds... So... If people love the cheerleaders, and we make a supposition that they actually have an effect on the crowd. Then we need to utilize them more. Get them out of their little pit, where very few people can see them, and get them on camera more, or in the crowd more. How about they... Wait for it... Lead some cheers... I'm actually being serious under the sarcasm here is a seed of an idea... If we have a cheerleading / dance team / whatever they want to call themselves. Lets have them doing something other than swaying back and forth in their little cement cage. Get them out amongst the people, get the kids screaming, and jumping and get some of the stodgy old men ( like me ) showing some excitement. I will readily admit that during the game I find myself very focused and attentive to the on ice stuff. So let's have people at least making an effort to get people up and out of their seats.

Do you know what my 'take away' from the Prospects game was? Cheerleaders in a concrete cage do nothing for amping a crowd up... Did you see the guy with the BMO T-shirts? Dude had 2 sections at a time, up and loud, even I was not immune to his energy. There were times the whole arena seemed rocking because of him. And do you know how many times I get amped up by the energy of our cheer squad, when Laura-Leigh comes to my area to do the hockey hall of fame give away to a kid in the row behind me.
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