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Originally Posted by AlphaDog View Post
That's EXACTLY what I'm talkin about. Good comparison b-rad.

A lot of these new rinks are what I call "big plain boxes". Lots of seats, big spaces, but not much else. When someone's putting in tens of millions to build a rink, why don't they put any effort into some of them into making them unique and give them some character?

With all the Jack's problems, I still think I'd take it over the Hershey Center or the Powerade Center (Brampt). I love the space those rinks have, they're very comfortable to watch a game in. But so is my couch.
The only thing good about the jack is that it is loud. I never sit at those games unless my wife comes with me... the seats are terrible.

In London .. people go to knights games just to be in the Labatt Centre.

Niagara deserves a nice place... for the people to use... to visit.. for ice dogs games.... NHl exibition games.... disney on ice...... wrestling.... UFC ..... figure skating.... concerts.. etc.... Its about F-ing time....
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