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Originally Posted by 5 for fighting View Post
I was really surprised when I watched the Icedogs Xtra show on Cogeco last week. Media across the country and even in the US have been talking about the leaked WhatsApp conversation, the much criticized apology from the IceDogs and the rumours of the team being sold. The Icedogs scandal was literally making headlines across Canada. There has never been so much media attention on the Icedogs.

But the Icedogs Xtra show said nothing. They made a quick reference to the incident when they said the players could be excused for being distracted because of the suspension but that was it. Really? The whole situation is being analyzed in media everywhere and a show that is suppose to be all about the Icedogs pretty much ignored the whole thing? It really hurts the credibility of the show.

Even the OHL round table that is played between the second and third periods on Cogeco OHL broadcasts discussed the incident because itís pretty hard to ignore something that has gotten so much attention. But somehow the Icedogs Xtra show didnít think it deserved any attention.

I would like to think this weekís year in review show will discuss it but sadly I think it will be ignored again. If this show wonít even discuss what is arguable the most analyzed and talked about event in Icedogs history, is the show even worth watching?
Zero guts, zero credibilty, zero integrity.

Nothing more than puppets for the organization. Everyone in the hockey world has an denounced and condemned the spoiled kids for their comments. This "tv show" that is supposed to be all things Niagara Ice Dogs doesn't have the balls to address it?

Give me a break, they're so afraid of losing access to the organization that they say nothing. Saying nothing with the platform they hold is essentially saying they're ok with it.

Instead of asking each other some crap easy lob ball questions and making up stupid polls for yourselves. Grow a pair and state your opinion on the embarrasing state this team is in. They said they didn't know what was in the text, so couldn't comment on it. But, the following week, when the world saw it, still no comment. What a joke they are. Watch them comment and have an opinion on the upcoming draft without ever watching these kids play though
Bring back DJ Brooks. At least he had the guts to say it as it is.
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