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Originally Posted by strohs View Post
Never say never.

Various employers charge employees for uniforms.

In construction you often have to pay for your own boots, outerwear.

Apprentices in various trades often have to pay for their own tools.

How about a gym to work out at? Or access to a training staff? Not many employers provide you with free gym memberships or access to free health professional services whenever you need it?

Oh and how about all of that icetime they get? Practices almost daily? Last time I checked it wasn't free to rent ice time ...
This is a very interesting and historical development for Junior hockey. It's a very slippery slope once you enter into this amateur/professional debate at the junior hockey level. If teams are mandated by law to pay an hourly wage and the teams counter with additional charges to the players,,, I can see the NCAA and European options for these talented players becoming more in play. Lets face it ultimately the best players are going to reach the NHL regardless of which developmental route they take and I think the CHL would be shooting themselves in their collective feet if they didn't at least entertain some type of compensation. If you think about it, these post secondary educational packages have been added to Keep the players from going the NCAA route in the first place. I personally feel the players should receive some compensation.... I think we already know there are some teams providing additional enticements to players. Should be very interesting.
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