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Default RULES / GUIDELINES / INFORMATION - All users please read before reading/posting msgs!


Welcome to the first web site established for the Niagara IceDogs OHL hockey team! (yep - we were up even before the team's site! )

SITE MODERATOR: 61jr, NiceDawg

This forum is for everyone to enjoy, but it is a PRIVATE forum and therefore NOT everything-goes. The forum is open to all, but in order to ensure the smooth flowing and longevity of this forum, certain etiquette must be followed.

CODE OF CONDUCT (revised: Dec. 10, 2015)

1) NO talking about forum policy in public msgs. This includes the questioning of a moderator's actions. Use PMs (private msgs)
2) No hacking/flaming/insulting other users. Negative comments about other users will not be tolerated.
3) No harsh profanity (harmless swears are 'tolerated') DO NOT disguise profanity with other letters/symbols.
4) No posting of email addresses without the email-owner's KNOWN use of it.
5) Do not mail Alphadog (administrator) about problems - PM a mod about them please.
6) DO email Alphadog if you have an account/technical problem.
7) If you post copyrighted material (news articles) you *must* post the source at the top.
8) Posting any spam will result in immediate removal of account.
9) Have a problem someone? PM THEM about it, do NOT POST PUBLICLY about it. Yes, there *is* a reason for this.
10) If you disagree with someone's point of view, argue back with FACTS. Don't make bad comments about someone's post just because he/her posted his/her opinion. Use the reputation icon and give them negative rep. if you feel their remarks were tasteless but do not people what they shouldn't be posting - that's the moderators job. Tell a moderator if something goes unnoticed. IF you don't like what someone is saying, argue back with FACTS. Don't insult them for posting what they posted - argue back with facts.
11) Signatures: 2 lines or less (no ads)
12) Do not post a new thread about a topic that has been locked. If a thread has been locked, there's a reason for it.
13) Moderator comments in messages will be marked in red text as of posts later than Aug.4/09
14) Re: Posting rumors - this is fine, but you MUST post the source of your information. You CAN post the rumor without
naming the source, but if you do so you agree to an account suspension if the rumor proves to be false. This is to
deter people from posting things they're unsure about. Rumors often create an uproar so we need people to be sure
about them before spreading them.
15) As with most other forums, signing up with multiple accounts is not allowed, and will result in both accounts being removed.
16) You are legally responsible for the content of your posted messages including replies that repeat the content of another person. Posts advocating criminal acts or containing libelous statements will not be tolerated. Anyone posting content that could land the site and/or its operators in legal trouble will be subject to removal.
17) most important: please respect these rules. I have put in countless hours and dollars to bring this to you, and am happy to continue to do so if it's a happy experience for me. Any personal insults towards myself or the staff her will simply result in a ban. This is run all out of my pocket. And please respect the moderators - they do their job voluntarily and they're here to help.
Not adhearing to code of conduct will result in either an email from the staff about it, a temporary account ban, or even a permanent ban. If you're given a warning or a temp. ban about something, don't take it personal. It's not because the staff doesn't LIKE you, it's because they DON'T like one or more of your posts.

Sounds strict, yes, but it will result in a better forum for the majority. Last year we (I) let to much happen with not enough enforcement, and the result was 1: Me almost taking the forum down completely, and 2: everyone else having a bad time. AT TIMES that is. 95% of the time this was the best place to be when you weren't at a game. But the times when one or two users were misbehaving, it just made it bad for everyone.
The reason this code of conduct was condensed down, is that in the previous version I tried to explain my reasoning for everything, and that just let people to see too much text on their screen and ignore the rules altogether. Now it's short and sweet, easy to follow. Not knowing the rules will not be accepted as an excuse for bad behavior

Enjoy everyone, and GO DOGS GO!

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