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Originally Posted by Blacksox View Post
This past season and even during the playoffs, Guelph’s GM/Coach George Burnett was heavy criticized and browbeaten about everything - and yet he comes out as the genius, who assembled the 2019 OHL championship team and perhaps Memorial Cup Champions.

And just like the Hamilton Bulldogs the previous season, the decision to “trade away the cupboard bare”, at the trade deadline, was not the popular amoung the fan: Both past champions were teams struggling to play .500 hockey, had an average defense and sub-par goalies (Guelph: Popovich 3.29 0.899 and Hamilton: Fulcher 2.86 0.899). Guelph situation was even worse, as prior to the trade deadline Gogolev, Hanley and Hillis were dealing with serious injuries.

Both GM still made the un-popular trades and both teams won an OHL championships.

The past two seasons, the cost of winning a championship has not been cheap: Hamilton and Guelph confirmed that (GUELPH: Barret Kirwin, Zach Poirier, Mark Woolley, 9–2nds, 8–3rds, 2-4th, and a 5th) - And if you’re “going in” but not willing to “go all in” the end result tends is not so favourable (SSM and Ottawa).
George Burnett is a former NHL coach, Billy Burke has never even coached a peewee team prior to his parents buying the Ice Dogs, he couldn't coach a monkey out of a tree even if he had a Banana in his hand. Meanwhile Joey spent like a drunken sailor and got fleeced. Oshawa robbed Joey then knocked Niagara out with a younger team,lol !! ….And the parents were busted for illegal deals with Wilkie, Ham etc ! ……. Time to take the rose glasses off my friend and give it up. The owners, GM and coached were an embarrassment this year when it came to Hockey operations …………… crickets ! lol !
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