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Originally Posted by strohs View Post
Hi guys, I've had some spare time on my hands, and, being an accountant, I figured an interesting little project would be to tabulate the attendance on a league wide basis throughout the year.

The attendance figures are taken from the OHL website, from the official scoring summaries...the capacity figures were taken from the icedogs program which summarizes all of the club information.

Now, we can see how we compare to the other teams in the OHL...and so far, early on, even the darn Brampton Battalion are outdrawing us, on average!

I will post this chart semi-monthly or demand warrants...anyways, just another thing to follow throughout the lets get those turnstiles moving.

OHL ATTENDANCE (as of Friday October 12, 2007)
1London :cool:436,240 9,060 99.56%
2Ottawa428,041 7,010 71.06%
3Kitchener529,017 5,803 90.67%
4Sudbury14,725 4,725 82.20%
5Erie29,232 4,616 83.93%
6Sault Ste. Marie418,186 4,547 90.94%
7Oshawa :confused:416,257 4,064 72.10%
8Guelph517,820 3,564 71.55%
9Saginaw310,601 3,534 63.94%
10Barrie413,691 3,423 81.60%
11Sarnia516,834 3,367 64.75%
12Windsor515,215 3,043 69.16%
13Peterborough411,500 2,875 77.10%
14Plymouth38,024 2,675 59.44%
15Belleville410,258 2,565 78.75%
16Brampton37,195 2,398 50.23%
17Niagara 614,165 2,361 76.16%
18Owen Sound48,884 2,221 63.46%
19Kingston510,187 2,037 61.73%
20Mississauga 35,623 1,874 31.23%

(interesting that, with a brand new building, and one of the best jr hockey prospects to play in the league in some time, Tavares, that the Genny's are only playing to 72% capacity!)
Good work.

I am curious what the percentage is in regards to population is?
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