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Old 08-31-2022, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by IceDogsThisWeek View Post
Hey all,

A bunch to mention here;

1 - I am not sure if it is poor media coverage or poor communication from the team, or a change in the media landscape - but what I was trying to get across is that the fans aren't getting the basic information out of the team right now. The reason for that? No clue. As of writing this post the team has now communicated with its fan base via press releases. That may be the way this owner is planning on doing things - time will tell. Just felt like there was a lot of opportunity to get people talking about the team that was just ignored by this new ownership group.

Also - if you're going to announce a blockbuster trade you probably don't want to announce a giant trade mishap like 15 minutes later and railroad your own momentum. This is media 101 stuff.......

2 - Rod is awesome. Great guy. I haven't seen anything from him on the IceDogs since early July though. Rod has always played a unique role being the in-house announcer too though. I always admired his ability to ask really good questions on his weekend sports show in a non-aggressive manner. With Rod shows being on CKTB and the rights for IceDogs being with GiantFM that creates another media hurdle so to speak. Again, Rod over the years always finds a way - no argument he is a pro and we are lucky to have him in Niagara.

3 - I am not really sure how Matt or I "got shut out". Matt broke the Dickenson trade like 3 days ago and I have nothing to do with media currently. Matt has taken a step back from coverage the last few years due to work commitments (I don't think he would mind me saying that). In our "heyday" we were writing stories for the paper, live tweeting, and doing the tv show - that took an insane amount of time and we both had to focus on our full-time occupations and couldn't maintain it. I would still say when it comes to information gathering/breaking Matt is the best the IceDogs fans have (yes, I am inherently biased here but it is what I believe).

4 - "I think Brooks was the better of the two" - while I appreciate the compliment Matt made me better and I made him better. We have been friends since we played Little League together and our friendship and passion for sports made it a fun run together. Also, when I was active in media I am positive most of you wouldn't have been as complimentary, lol!

5 - If there is a Mod who can change my name on this from the long-defunct TV show to just my name that would be appreciated. As I have no intentions of getting back into the media game I might come on here more often

6 - I should also say that the new Ownership should be given some leeway here as a lot has happened fast.....BUT....these are some potential red flags to how fans are going to be treated when it comes to information.

For example - the London Knights have already called a press conference to announce the signing of Dickenson. The IceDogs didnt call a press release for their new coach.

Excitement about the Icedogs seems to be at an all time low. Last season didn’t help but the new ownership hasn’t done anything to improve the situation. For example there seems to be a lack of clarity as to the direction the Icedogs are headed. Are they going for it this year? Next year? Never going for it and just hoping for a .500 season every year? Rod did ask DeDobbelaer about this but he didn’t give a clear answer.

It just seems to me that this team hopes to operate in secrecy, but with the fans it’s out of sight, out of mind. I am still waiting for Gretzky to give that interview with the local media. What is Gretzky’s involvement with the team? What made him partner with a man he apparently didn’t previously know to buy a team he has no connection to? Likely we will never know and for some strange reason that’s exactly how the team seems to want it.

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