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Old 10-24-2022, 08:14 AM
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Default 10 game checkin

How we feeling after 10 games? lol

After a great opening weekend the team has seem to be playing well below expectations. Sure there are some reasons for that, but it is still the truth.

Honestly, without being able to see the actual full team on the ice I will actually give the coaching staff a decent grade to start the year. Fitzgerald has the PP running near the top of the league and their PK is mid-pack. Good signs of strong positioning and coaching. Also, it just feels like there is more structure to their game this year. Yes, it does completely fall apart at times, but after 10 games I will give the coaches a pass so far.

The injuries have sucked...bad. Even worse, is the reaction to them. Cato gets hurt so the GM burns MORE picks on an OA we don't have room for and has to lose out on another trade shipping Papais out (7 points in 6 games in OS, fyi).
Since opening weekend I cant recall a game where this team had a full lineup - 12 forwards and 6 d. And this week was a DISASTER. You cant have back to back games with 10 forwards....this is the OHL not house league. All that this will accomplish is to get kids fatigued and cause more injuries. Just gross mismanagement. This is where you are seeing card issues pop up presumably. Where was Stewart or Runco all weekend? I thought having players in Brantford available to play was "the plan"? Brantford played Sunday with 20 men listed, but the OJHL site is far from reliable. Is it possible he didn't have enough players to have a full lineup for both his teams so Stewart and Runco had to stay down? Is he worried about carding issues with these players?

Team moving forward
I think this team will play better if they get healthy - but play better for what? To be decent? There is no game breaker on this team. Look at all of the past teams making a run here in Niagara - you had legitimate high-end drafted kids. Studnicka-Robertson-Thomas-Tomasino. Ho-Sang-Perlini-Dunn-Knott. This team doesnt have that. Sure He looks good but hes way too young to be "the guy". I love Fimis game compared to last season, but still he's not the guy.

Then look at the team moving to next year and its....not great.
You lose 50% of your backend in Keane, Jesus, Ribeau.
You can only have 3 OA's and your list of 2003s is currently 7 deep.
Zito (who is potentially gone to the AHL anyways)

So you lose AT LEAST seven core players from this year's team that is just....average.

I just dont get it...
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